Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to the status quo

So, obviously it's back to the status quo for Chad and I. Not too much has happened this week.

Chad has started to arrange his fish tank again, putting in the new sand and such. I'm not allowed to show you until he's finished though. Plus the fish are sleeping right now so I can't take a picture or I risk disturbing them to much and they've been disturbed to much in my opinion over the last few weeks.

You've been able to keep up with most of my week here as I've updated so much. And yet I didn't cover it all. I have since finished the blanket I showed you on Wednesday and am working on the second swatch for my feather and fan shawl. After I finish the second one I'll wash and block and then get started. I am now two pattern sets (or 53 rows) from finishing Convertible.

We didn't go to see any movies this past week but did watch September Dawn this week. It was an okay movie about the Mountain Meadows massacre that happened on September 11, 1857. There is definitely a lot of artistic license taken as no one really knows why the massacre happened. Plus, as in so many movies, there is a fictional love story thrown in to help the plot. It did move a little slowly and left a lot to be desired.

More movies have arrived, now to find the chance to watch them.

And that does it from here for now. I know I'll be back with you later this week as I'm taking some time off (a lot of time in comparison to everything) and will be crafting away. I'm planing on doing some photography and such so... Plus CHARMS is going to meet again and I have another knitting group that is going to meet for the first time. Then there's the standards like karate and such...

So, talk to you all later.

PS. I'd like to send my condolences to the Holcombe family. Chris will be missed.

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vi said...

i wanna see the fishies.....

we don't have space here for my tank
i had tropicals in it at one river basin fish
then fancy gold fish
which i also adore

bernie killed off my gold fish
so i wanna see the picture of the fishies......