Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shh, Don't Tell Melissa...

But, I'm hi-jacking her blog and bringing you the events of her and Chad's week. You remember me don't you?

You don't? She told you about me back in February. I told her that she needed to include me more. I told her that if she didn't no one would remember little ol' me Mr. Frederick T. Frog.

As it is, I'm having to do all her knitting and crocheting so that she can have her projects done in the time she wants them. Just look at all these projects:

They practically bury me! I think she has a little bit of ADD going on, but she just tells me that she chooses to indulge herself as she pleases since she is old enough to do so and for her that means having as many UFO's as possible (that's unfinished objects for you non-fiber arts people). But, I must admit, it's not just fiber UFO's that she has, pick her brain and you'll find all sorts of interesting ideas. The most for pictures that she's trying to take. And hey, remind her to take me down to our lovely port city of Charleston with her and she'll have more pictures for her blog as well as the ones she wants to eventually publish...

So anyway, Melissa and Chad have been busy this week. B,U,S,Y. They've worked hard long hours. You should hear the craziness that she talks about when she comes home. And you can never be sure when she's coming home either. There was one day this week that she left the house at her usual day shift time of six am and didn't come home until ten pm. According to her, that was the fun and easy day! And Chad's the same, wrapped up in just as many projects as he can (and being bored on his days off).

Their highlights this past week are that they spent a long time talking to sales people at the door yesterday and the present that Chad got for Melissa came. I managed to snap a secret picture of her as she played with it, see:

I think it's called a tripod and it's for her photo addiction. She's very happy with it as it is much more stable that her first one and she can't wait to do more nighttime photography at the pier with it. But it is HEAVY, it practically crushed me as I brought it in the house to wait for her to get home. And I just want to know how she's supposed to use it seeing as it is much taller than her.

Other than that, nothing much is going on for Chad and Melissa. Not for them, just for those around them. They plan on going back Downtown to walk around tomorrow and take pictures of artistic sea turtles that are out for the Spoleto festival and maybe catch some dances or plays. Then, later it's down to see her brother get married and visit with her grandmother who's going to be there too.

That my friends, wraps up the news edition of our blog post today. And I think Melissa's on her way in to, so I'd better hop off of here and get to the fiber crafts. I'm going to come back and do this again another time so that I can tell you all about her as she's got even more people looking at the blog now that she is part of the knitting nurses blog ring.

Talk to you all later. And don't forget to remind Melissa to take lots of pictures of me too!

Oh, one more thing to add before I go... Happy Birthday Mom! Enjoy it and make sure you get lots of time away from all of Melissa's siblings!

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jamie glenn said...

I love the little frog man he's so cute and boy he must stay busy.