Sunday, March 18, 2007


Here is a glimpse of my schedule from the past week that is kept only in my head and no where else that I could truly access it and make it mean something:
Monday: Work night shift - Loose day trying to be lazy and get NOTHING accomplished as I don't sleep to prepare for work and don't work on any of the numerous projects I have going.
Tuesday: Sleep and Work
Wednesday: Sleep and Work
Thursday - mess up a day by trying to recover from night shift, prepare the house for visitors, be mildly disappointed that I missed my class so that I can go to the Nickleback concert with Chad and friends
Friday - take photos, lounge around, start thinking about "birthday season" and what to get relatives who have birthdays in said season
Saturday - attend class, More of the same as Friday
Sunday - More of the same as Friday, blog, watch movies from online service so that I can finally get new ones...

Mostly a typical week (I said mostly, I am well aware that going to any concert is not normal for me)but the activities of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have fallen victim to my being moody. Thing is I'm not caring that I'm so moody but trying to figure out what that means for all of my projects. Including the blog and contents on said blog.

More it's my trying to figure out what I want to do outside of nursing.

You see, in high school I gave serious thought to writing, and I still do but it seems I am too scared to get my words out on paper so, alas, no novels are complete and only one one-act play is complete but that was done quite some time ago.

And I love knitting and crocheting, which were the original intended purposes for blogging (then I moved and yada, yada, yada) but they fall victim to the time thing I spoke about last week OR I spend more time frogging them than crafting and trying to be too much of a perfectionist OR I just plain mess them up somehow and then can't fix my work so I take a trip to the frog pond. Such as the project below that is working up very quickly but now has a second mistake (somehow I am knitting the front of the work on the back) and may yet reach the pond again but I don't want it to.

I didn't take my time with the pictures at all so you can't see that this is a square with a dolphin in it. I've messed up at the part where I'm making waves for the dolphin to be jumping in.

Then when you add the blog in addition to it, I don't spend the time I need to on it, making it boring and not a hit for anyone to come and read (hence few readers most of the time) but I want to be witty like the blog I discovered this week. To do that though, I would have to slow down and put more effort into posting and desiging. We see how far that has gotten me thus far.

But the moodiness has really filtered into the photo taking. Thus YOU only get to see two pictures (those above) this week while I examine the rest hemming and hawing about what my decision will be to do with them.

You see, I have a delision that somehow my pictures have the potential of being slightly more than mediocore. Somehow, they may be of interest to strangers as well as friends. But I feel falling prey to the American Idol Syndrome.

You know, the syndrome of those who we watch in the auditions who are truly crushed that they don't make it and not just acting for the cameras which is the reason they came in the first place. The syndrome of those who have been told they are good their entire lives by family and friends who really can't pick up on the sublties of tone and other things needed to make it in the musice world.

I am being told that I am good and unlike acting and speaking (HS and college hobbies) I actually feel good about about my pictures. I am confident and like my work.

What this means for you, is that I now have to research and make a decision as to what it would take to publish my photography in some form or fashion. And that means, I am withholding all scenic pictures until further notice.

That means I'd better come up with interesting things to put on this blog or else I loose those of you I have completly. That also means I'm going to better dedicate time to finishing and photographing craft projects for you to see.

I will also go ahead with the crochet tutorials since my friend enjoyed the one I had up about the slip knot.

Wish me luck, I have a lot to figure out from here.

- - - - - -

Oh, yes, in the weekly news from Chad and myself, we did attend the Nickleback concert that also had Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. A very good concert all in all. I enjoyed myself and so did the group we were with. Although, it did take a day and a half for my hearing to recover back to its normal dysfunctional state.

Other than that, we are just puttering along...

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