Sunday, March 25, 2007

It'll have to be quick this week

This update is going to be quick as I am tired and headed off to bed.

So first the boring drab about how nothing new is going on with ourselves this week. Chad's in the middle of his rotation and I'm in the middle of funky work hours due to seminars, projects (I'm a little scared at the responsiblity they have elected me for but I can't discuss it now, yada, yada, yada, HIPPA, and all that other work related no news excuses), meetings and just a crazy schedule with all the nurses wanting vacation for the spring breaks taking place across the state!

In other words, I'm busy and can't discuss it but will share it later (I think) plus I have all the stuff otherwise keeping me occupied. Classes, reading (got to prepare for that last Harry Potter book) general crafting hobbies, crocheting, and knitting.

Yes, I have a knitting update for all of my knitting friends. Here is the piece I showed you all last week that I was so frustrated on. It is purposely shown in low light so as to help you see the dolphin as I don't have it outlined yet.

Add that to the back piece and what's on the needles now:

And you have a purse that will be gifted soon to a family member!

I am in the process of deciding how I want to go about with a knit-along, so that information is to come and I am going to do the crochet tutorials but have to get through work projects first.

Yes, I am motivated again!

That will do me this week, as I said before I'm off to bed. Talk to all later!