Friday, September 08, 2006

The House

So, things are moving well with the house. We plan to close at the end of this month and do not have any complications saying otherwise. I have another new and interesting pet though, already living at the house. Meet Charlotte (yes, I'm very original in my names):
Not only that but Charlotte is expecting:
Fun. Insert sarcastic smile here. Everything I read and find about Charlotte says that she is a common Yellow Garden Spider not very harmful at all and takes care of plenty of insects. And at least she is outside of the house.

That doesn't stop the fact that she gives me the willy nillies (yes, that's a technical term).

In other news, Ernesto dropped rain on us and had Chad's and my schedule messed up for work due to flooding that always happens with rain (there was just more of it) in downtown Charleston. And I wanted to share the two herons that came to play at our apartment in the rain:
I'll leave you with two things. First a new picture of us (taken over labor day weekend):
And second, a link to my myspace page:
I seem to update here more and more of my friends read this site. I'm debating as to what the future of this blog will be.

Anyway, will talk to you all later. Take care!

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Pink Dandelion said...

willy nillies is a technical term in my book! That's an awesome web!