Friday, May 12, 2006


Well, I had a rough week at work and my schedule changed, blah, blah, and blah. Now I'm just enjoying relaxing during my days of, so I don't have anything very interesting to post other than just b.s. and scattered pictures here and there. Welcome to my brain.

Chad in August 1999. I know when this was taken because we were at Fort Jackson for his brother's AIT graduation.

I'm knitting and I'm crocheting but as they are lacy type patterns and I'm just getting started I'm going to wait until later to show pictures. Sorry, one day I will show my crafting content better but alas, I just have to be a silent contributer to Knitters Review. Somehow over there I now have three stars so I'm considered a Gabber Extrodinaire. Don't know when that happend, but hey, it's cool.

Me at about 2.
Chad and I will have days off together over the weekend, God only knows how that happened, so we plan on going to the beach (just to wade in the water and have fun) and while there seeing the Morris Island Lighthouse - so that means we're heading down to Folly Beach for those of my friends here and then walking around downtown Charleston to get good pictures for me to eventually sell (I have all sorts of ideas about this but I'm going to keep them to myself for now) and to go out to eat with the money my parents sent us for our anniversary. Which I am very thankful for but I must say they don't let me do things for them for their anniversary!

My brother Daniel doing what he does best, several years ago.
I do want to say congratulations to Daniel for earning the time off from school this summer! Now, I have questions for you - are you coming to see me in Charleston? Are you sucking it up and going to the reunion? Will you be able to see me long enough when I come home at the end of this month to take group shots with the rest of the children for my project I'm working on? And I'm sure there's other things I need to know but anyway. Just call me you dork wad.

Sorry, I have to goad him just a little bit.

Lets see, what else is there rattling around my skull right now. Trust me it's pretty empty in there.

Well, other than doing everything we can to get a house when our lease on our apartment is up, nothing else is going on. Just random blabbering.

As for the house hunting, we really want to be in one particular neighbor hood and are going to work towards getting there one way or another. Just so long as we are building equity in something and not sitting in an apartment. Final decisions will be made either in July if we decide to do the production home from the ground up (if it's even possible) or the end of September begining of October if we get something in that neighboor hood that's already finished. We just aren't going to put ourselves in the situation that we may have to pay rent on an unoccupied apartment (because it would cost more to break the lease than to finish paying) and a morgage as well.

So, we'll see and I'll leave you be until tomorrow!

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