Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Pictures

Okay, so here are a few of the pictures from yesterday. I am holding back some for my own selfish reasons (I may decide to sell or send them out as gifts of art for occasions). So, here we go:

This is the Morris Island Lighthouse:

It is in the water, but was not built that way, erosion has caused it to be there and we have a dedicated group trying to save it.

Look at our bridge now, almost allof the spans of the old bridges are removed. (Can't remember it from before, look here.) To me, it is beautiful when they finish getting all the spans down I'll get pictures from the bridge again and from spots such as where I took this one (Waterfront Park).

This is the battery wall at the end of the Charleston Penninsula at Low tide. It's amazing the difference between high and low tide, but I don't have any good pictues demonstrating that, so you'll have to wait and see.

This is the old sea wall that was found during excavations inside the Provost Dungeon on East Bay Street. For people who have seen Charleston, that's about a block and a half from where the current shoreline of the penninsula in that area lies.

Since I don't have a tripod yet, the only way I can take pictures of us is by holding our little digital camera up and snapping away. This is the best of the attempts. Just to get this took an act of congress. As my sister-in-law knows our husbands both protest any pictures of them. We were at the beach (obviously) when this was taken.

This was the only good picture of me that Chad took for me. And . . .

Of the two pictures I was allowed to take of Chad alone, this is the good one.

I find this interesting. 1/2 addresses. Maybe I haven't paid enough attention in Louisville but Charleston is the first place I remember seeing them. This is a 1/2 address on Meeting St.

And this is just a pelican flying around. I love when I'm able to get decent shots of birds in flight.

And for my last picture I share with you my little friend - the little green anatole that often visits my balcony. He felt like being a ham for me the other day.

Everyone have a great mothers day! I'll talk to you all later.

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Amanda said...

Haha! I haven't taken a picture of Chip and I in a while....not since we went out for our anniversary in Feb. LOL Great pictures!