Saturday, May 06, 2006


So, in regards to last nights post, I don't do witty. Never have and it will take an act of congress for me to come up with anything witty.

I should just stick to what I do - which is post photos.

Yesterday I went to the beach and took only a few photos, mainly because after I got photos I wanted to walk in the water and just enjoy it for awhile and not ruin my camera. So, it went back in the truck while I walked and got sunburned on my face and somehow managed to get ONLY the backs of my legs sunburned. I spent equal time walking into the sun as I did walking away from the sun so, beats me.

I also saw the most interesting house yesterday and snapped a few pics from the back of the house (the part I could see from the beach).

This is the beach on Sullivan's Island - thank you Christina for directing me that way, it's beautiful!!

Now, after I got home yesterday I just was lazy and looking around outside and spotted our Goose Family walking around. I ran down and chased them around getting photos again (that's why they're mostly of their backs) because I can't believe these gooslings are getting so big so quickly. See:

That does it for me. Tomorrow I have to go back to work and after Tuesday, I have a long stretch of days off. I will definately be going back to the beach!!


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