Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I need to sleep

I've got to work night shift so I really should be sleeping. Yet I find again that I can't. So, what am I doing but sitting on my computer. I'm trying to sort through all of my issues but it looks like several calls will have to be placed including some to my father over the weekend.

Thank God I have a computer savy (actually, that's putting it mildly) father and brother. If that wasn't the case I would have shelled out $100.00+ for retrieving my information.

We're not sure why the computer did what it did - which was basiclly wouldn't load windows. Official term is that the startup was corrupted somehow. We do know that it was not a virus.

But I did decide to upload my pictures anyway and share them but have not deleted them off of my memory cards until I get my issues worked out. I do need my camera Monday but I still have plenty of pictures available on the cards if things are not fixed by then.

So, let the sharing commence!

We'll start with Balloons. These were taken on Saturday and Sunday:

Next comes the little plane that was flying around the air at the same time both days:

And here's a pic that Chad took on top of Rockafeller Center of Central Park while he was in the NYC area:

This next pic is Collective Soul who were wonderful:

And now firwork pictures from in between the shows:

(I've never been able to get firworks pictures before! I love my camera!!)

This is Rob Thomas who put on a wonderful show as well:
(Nightime concert pics. Never gotten good ones of those before, either. Have I mentioned that I love my camera!!)

And then, I made my siblings get together for the first time in five plus years for group shots together:

Mom told us we should give Daniel a kiss in this next one. He resisted!:

Seeing as I took in excess of 900 some-odd pictures this is barely touching the tip of what I took. So, I'm going to try to nap now but I just couldn't put this off longer. Hope you enjoyed!

Later all!


Amanda said...

My goodness.....the kids are so big!! I remember changing Jamie's diaper!! LMAO! The picture of central park is awesome....I wanna go! I'll have to make the trek by myself one day though. Chip hates big cities. Party pooper. LOL

Pink Dandelion said...

Oooh those pictures of the balloons are sooo pretty!!