Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What is Chad to do with me?

Or my parents for that matter.

Okay, I have come back to earth. Or rather my version of reality on this earth. Which reminds me of a cartoon I'll have to post for you later, after I go through the things I've got in line first.

Okay, I'm backing up. Let me tell you what's going on:
Yesterday I recieved in the mail a check from my parents. For my birthday. And I know what many of you are thinking - Melissa your birthday is a little more than a month away. I know, I can see the ticker at the top of the page as well as you can.

But you see my mother took pity on me. I am working on a family project for my relatives (trust me it's coming from purely selfish interest) and have raided her pictures. Instead of me setting up a little studio to make the images that they have taken over the years digital, she went ahead and let me get the money for an all-in-one and I'm now scanning in all the pictures I brought with me from Anderson last time. And I want to go back and get the rest of my stuff out of the attic to do the same with.

I'm going to be scanning unbelievable amounts of items. I'm starting with the borrowed pictures and then moving on to my mess in the second bedroom. So, I promise to post more later today or tomorrow (after all today is Valentines) including what could be considered embarassing pictures of myself when I get to them!

Later all!

(that may as well be me!)

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