Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Way to much fun

I'm having too much fun scanning things in. So much fun that I'm once again neglecting this:

I've got to buy pins for blocking and then I'll discover how many more strips of gray I need. And I need to complete it quickly too.

On top of that Chad has his birthday tomorrow and I've got to shop for him.

Alas, he's not easy to shop for.

But I'm still scanning away here. So far still just the photos that I "stole" from my parents.

Yes, both of those are me, and you even get to see Daniel when he was a cutie (Sorry Kat, he's lost all of his cuteness now). As for the first pic, my mom says I was always sitting in funny ways with my legs. Actually, I still do kind of. You won't catch me in any chair with my feet flat on the floor (or rest that's built on it) as they should be. Old habits die hard.

I am still working out how this all goes seeing as the first pics I've scanned (oh, somewhere around the first 60-100) are too large for some things to open. I even froze my sister-in-law's computer yestereday sending her a few pics. Ooops.

I will resize those to be smaller later and then post some of those. But I've still got at least 100 pics to scan in from my parents, probably much more.

So, more later.

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