Sunday, January 01, 2017

Welcome to the New Year!

Happy New Year!

Once upon a time I used to be good at updating this blog.  Then I fell out of the habit and I have tried to regain it time and time again but have not kept up yet.  So, with  the start of a new year I figured now was as good of a time to try to start over as any.

Besides, I am one who falls for the cliche of new beginnings for the new year.  I almost decided to use another blog host and web address, but in the end, I decided I wanted to keep what was here.  After all, it is the guise of keeping a journal that makes me want to blog to begin with.  That, and I need a way to improve my writing again.  Technical healthcare writing that I am attempting to do does not lend well to the flights of fancy I want to take by writing a novel.

There were many things in 2016 that I wished I had taken more time to document.  Not only reactions to headlines (as there were so many) but in my personal life as well.  My extended family lost loved ones who I miss dearly, but have been horrible at expressing that.  My heart wrestles with all the changes that have happened and we can only take it day by day.  For all of my loved ones and my friends (even if it has been years since we have talked), I do think about you often and wish I took more initiative to change the lines of communication.  Know that I love you and you are in my thoughts.

All of that said, in 2017 I will try this again.  This time I will use my tools to help me (mainly an alarm set on my phone for the days that I want to update - at least 1x a week) and I look forward to documenting the year ahead.

Updating the blog as a way of keeping a journal is my new resolution for this year.  I add it to my resolution from last year: accomplish at least 1 thing each day.  So, nothing terribly hard but at times can be very challenging when I let all of my insecurities get a hold of me.  Having to report to the blog each week with something that has been accomplished will help me to not let those insecurities get a hold of me and to continue to use that resolution as I should.

And with this new year starting on a Sunday, I feel it's a great way to make the announcement as a precursor to what the week has held next Sunday (if I'm not writing before then).  Happy New Year everyone, may the promise of new beginnings inspire you all.

PS.  Don't be surprised if I change the look of the blog in the coming weeks.  With a "new" start I am sure to want to see what new things my platform offers.

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