Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 1

Day 1 has arrived!  Ann was happy to start and eager to do most of what I had in mind.  Even when she seemed to be having a hard time and I went to take a break (read a book with her) and suggested that we go to the couch she wanted to stay at the table.

I realize now, I've got to slow down our pace and plan a lot more for four hours as we quickly shot through my plans for today.

Today's plan was to "evaluate" where she is.  I asked Chad, our friend "Aunt" Karen, and my mom to evaluate her based on different checklists I found online for preschool/kindergarten readiness.  I didn't want my opinion to be extremely biased for this.

Based on checklists she needs improvement in gross motor skills.  I know those will only come with age and exposure.  Many of the tasks on the checklists are not expected to be developed until 4-6 years old.  So this provides me ideas for exposure.

She was in rare form today (and you can see it in the look on her face) answering questions with silly answers.  A few clips from the day (long and boring but here they are):

never mind, blogger and youtube do not want to seem to upload these videos... I'll try later.

I did ask her to use scissors for the "first" time.  First time meaning I've never allowed her to opperate them at home but she states she has used them at school.  She knew where to put her fingers and how to attempt to use them.  In fact, this is what she did with them:

Really not bad at all considering there are still a few months until she's three.

We then worked on art's and crafts/ filling in a letter with play dough.

For Wednesday I'm definitely going to search out a little more and organize a little bit.  Ann will love it if I put more arts and crafts in.

That's it for today.  We'll see you on Day 2.

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