Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I really know

As I once again clean hide my unorganized belongings preparing for company this weekend I have learned that I am trying to master two skills that I've had all my life that I should not try to master:
procrastination and "hoarding".  You see by my posts and statements that procrastination is the rule that I live by and "hoarding" while I don't belong on a television show of the same name - I do shove things into every nook and cranny that I can find.  (And James, that last statement is for you so that you know I use that phrase for more than just telling you that's what you should dust.)

So, today my writing falls victim to my procrastination as I straighten everything up for company.  I'm looking forward to the weekend ahead as I get to enjoy time off with my family and neither Chad nor I are working.

But more details on that later.

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