Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Procrastinatino will get the better of me again.

Yes, procrastination is getting the better of me right now as I fall asleep on the couch.  I've spent too much time today pouring through the stores for birthday party supplies and trying to create a wish-list to even bother answering a question from the writers prompts I have.  You can join Ann in her little fit (this one is from June but it is a common fit - I want to go back outside!).

Tonight Ann threw a fit because we wouldn't let her go to sleep with us and made her return to her room.  But she was really sweet as she climbed into bed thinking she would get her way.

We've also been finding lots of learning opportunities, such as waiting to pick up Chad at work we watched the ambulances and talked about the emergency services (which she repeated back to me yesterday about fireman completely randomly) or the fuzzy caterpillar we saw in the parking lot of the shoe store leading to a discussion about how we don't squash bugs outside in their own homes.

But, I'll leave more for tomorrow as I work on organizing myself again.


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