Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Birthday Time!

How time flies:


It has been quite a celebratory weekend here in our house as we spent yesterday with Ann's birthday party and today quietly enjoying as a family Ann turning 2!

In honor of Ann being born in October - and the fact that as we waited for her to make her appearance 2 years ago we did not know whether Ann would be a girl or a boy we called her pumpkin - we decided to have a Pumpkin and Spider party (because, for whatever reason spiders make her smile and giggle).  Here's the glimpse that I can give you (some pictures are withheld due to being respectful of other parents and not having asked permission to post pictures of their children here):

We did truly have a good time at the party, even though some of our family and friends were unable to make it.  You were missed and hopefully will be able to join us next year.

And today I marveled that all the changes two years have brought us:

For the picture above (laying down) you could tell she was confused, but it was all to be able to have the side by side comparison above.  Ann is always very excited when I talk about let's take pictures, as she knows which ones I am referring too.

Now that she is two, these growth comparison pictures will be slowing down once again (first they were weekly, then monthly) to three times a year.  Expect the next comparison pictures to fall in January.

We also went to a local park and walked around (not the first one we originally planned to go to  but one much closer to our house)
Or ran, as this was the view much of the time:

You may not be able to hear it (and I may have cut it off at the end as she was starting to say it) but as she got to me she nonchalantly stated "Move, Mommy, I'm running here."

At the end of the day, as I put her to bed I continued a tradition I started quite by accident and have started to read to her the first chapter of  The Trumpet of the Swan the third and last of E.B. White's children's books that we have not read.  The first book I read to Ann when we started our bedtime ritual after making it home from the hospital was Charlotte's Web.  Accidently last year I started Stuart Little on her birthday and decided, after learning that he had written only 3 "children's" books that it would be the perfect tradition to be on a three year rotation of reading the books, each starting on her birthday.

After that chapter she sand "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to me and then she snuggled up close to me as I sang "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" to her while feeling a little overly nostalgic.  She wiped at my face and sang the last verse with me.

We are truly blessed by Ann and have loved our two short years that we have had so far.  It's amazing to see how much she knows and the skills that she has already acquired and what her future can hold.  It's been an amazing day and I won't put down everything that she does and bore you to tears with it but I am astounded by how well she is constantly doing and how much she learns everyday.

But I digress and you can quickly see me starting to ramble.  I'll be sure to post more tomorrow, after another day at work.  Night all!

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