Sunday, July 22, 2012

Always behind

And if I let the pictures at the bottom of the post get the best of me I will continue to stay behind.  In fact it is mostly my idea of perfection (go ahead and laugh) that makes me perpetually procrastinate and stay behind.  If I put half the time that people think I put into things it would be amazing what I could do.

I'm so behind that I couldn't even answer my sister-in-law's tag from her blog before today.   And  when I do catch up with things do you think I take a break...  No, I come up with at least five more  projects to do.  Especially if it is work related.  (Which is to say, I have truly lost my mind and have added more to my plate at work in the past month, voluntarily.)

But in all fairness, looking at this blog from years past, I seem to fall into a cycle.  I get behind with the blog in the summer pick up again through the school year type thing.  Which seems a little crazy to me since I don't live in that pattern and haven't for almost 7 years now (in September it will be official that I've worked as a nurse for 7 years.)

It's so bad that I got out my hard drive today to make sure the latest pictures were backed up to it because of my paranoia (in fairness I do live in a hurricane zone, in front of protected wet lands) and realized I hadn't backed up anything yet from this year.  In fact I've said it to a friend of mine on facebook before and I'll say it again here.  I have every intention to get to something, I think about it and have it on the to do list, then I look up and it's a month or four later.

So, here are what most people really want.  The pictures.  Which, out of frustration and not wanting to let this wait further, are completely out of order.  You have monthly pictures (July then June) some pictures of Tameeka's trip to the aquarium scattered all over, a trip to the aquarium with our friend Karen, 4th of July follow up pictures, random trying to be cute pictures, and zoo pictures in there ( I think that's all).

I hope those were enjoyable.  Those were the ones that struck me as I went through as I am not even going to pretend to have time to edit right now.  Never mind the fact that I've got some really cute ones on the phone that I should get off of there before the fates strike me down.

I would make you all sorts of promises about what I'm going to do for the blog but I'm learning that I need to just do instead of promise so I don't let myself down.

Now, back to that tag from my sister-in-law.

She's got some interesting topics to discuss so let me tackle the first one:
Myself now versus 10 years ago.

At 30 versus 20.  It's hard to believe that it's been that long.  It sure doesn't feel like it.  But heck, in preparation for the Olympics I've been looking at some of the past coverage and it's hard to believe that it's been 16 years since the Atlanta Olympics and watching Keri Strugs land that amazing vault.

So, 10 years ago I was coming out of realizing the consequences of goofing off in my college classes and refocusing on the fact that the only thing I really wanted to do career wise was become a nurse.  It would still be just over a year before I entered nursing school and just under a year (although I didn't know it then) before Chad and I got married.

I was back pedaling from some hard lessons about finances, as I didn't get it.  Didn't get it to the tune of I don't handle the finances today and am glad not to have the job.

I was working back at a hotel at that time having left assisted living because I didn't want to be there if DHEC walked in and you know, that whole goofing off thing.

So, that means that in 10 years I have:
  • Gotten married and built a family
  • Survived nursing school and NCLEX to be an RN!!  (Biggest mental accomplishment ever, truly)
  • Moved away from my hometown to the coast (granted, it's the same state)
  • Purchased a house with my husband
  • Built a successful nursing career with a focus that I wouldn't have dreamed possible and am considering taking it further.
  • Learned to knit (because I felt nursing school was the time to pick up a new hobby...)
  • Picked up a gazillion other crafts
I know that there is a lot more, and if I wanted to take the time I could really expand on it all.  (But there is that whole being behind thing...)  When I look at the core of who I am - what I believe, what I want for the world and myself - I feel  like I'm the same person.  Many of those things I'm not willing to share on a public blog because I avoid confrontation at all costs, but the rest of it trickles through to you.

10 years... what a difference.  It will be interest to see my thoughts in 10 more years.  I'll be 40 with an almost 12 year old then (I can't believe Ann is almost 2 now).  I feel like the next 10 years are going to bring more changes than the past 10 have.

Well, good night all.  I will be back at some point with more.

Oh, and Mom, you were right (of course).  I didn't think that it had possibly been that long since the picture but I had to dig back to the summer of 2008 to find it.  Here's the before photo you wanted to see:
And just for good measure, here's the after:

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Amanda said...

Keri Strug! Ah! Remember that horrid haircut I had, so I could look "just like her?" Yeah, not so much. LOL