Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Month gone...

Why I stay amazed at the speed in which time passes, I'll never know.  It seems to be the undisputed fact of getting older - time passes faster as we are busier and busier, especially in today's society.  I've also had many times I've been driving to work and thought - I need to blog about that.  The end of the day comes and then I'm upstairs taking 30 minutes to read and falling asleep.

Thus, it's guilt that brings me here today.  I missed posting this month's pictures:

Ann's so funny these days.  She talks as much as she can, I wish I could hear her thoughts sometimes as I would just love to know how she's puzzling what she's going to do out.  Of course she enjoys the typical kid pass times such as walking around in daddy's shoes:
Plotting ways to get into things.  Getting in trouble both purposely and just out of that's what happens when you're learning.  (Even telling me as I asked her if she was going to behave coming out of time out "no" and proceeded to make it true, and apologizing when she was ready to behave)

And time just keeps passing by, and I'm trying my best to keep up with it.  Sometimes to my own detriment.  As we went to Anderson to visit with my grandmother and I forgot the camera.  At least I did take one picture:
Ann even, after staying up late to see me home from work, showed her preference for her stuffed blankets (lovies) that she sleeps with.  She had spread Mr. Frog and Ms. Bunny through the house today and I was trying to read to her from a novel.  I had only managed to find Mr. Frog and she kept looking at me going "My Bunny" (that's the closest we get to Ms. Bunny) holding her hands palm up and shrugging as she said "where she go?"  Needless to say, I had to go find Ms. Bunny.  (Additionally before when I was looking for Mr. Frog she waited for me at the top of the steps, knees crouched as she tried to pear as far as she could down the steps - too cute!)

Everything is happening so fast, I can't believe it.  I'm doing so much at work and have one project I want to share with you all (my main project) along with a plan to get back in shape to get back to karate well.  Plus I'm reading due to the fact that I caved because I don't have the room to store more books for myself (I will NOT run out of room for books for Ann!!) and got a Kindle.  There's also the fact that I want to tell all the politicians to go away and find something better to do because they are not doing their jobs at all!

The fact that the last paragraph rambles so means it's time to go and calm my mind, after all, I still have to work tomorrow.  But I will do my best to expand on some of these topics.  I will also be sure to post about my work project on May 15th so be on the look out.  (Yes, there is a reason for the date)

Goodbye April and hello May.  Talk to you all later!

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Kg said...

She is getting so tall now, I can remember when she was crawling around trying to reach the things she wanted to get into. Now she can reach them, this is when the fun begins. Busy is what keeps us sane sometimes, and drives us crazy the rest of the time. We'll all survive just fine when we recognize that sometimes crafting, sight-seeing, and yes reading are just as important as work, housework, babies, husbands and everything else that takes small bites from us. Taking care of ourselves fill those little bites in and gives them something else to bite from, especially when we adore those bites from the ones we love the most.