Saturday, March 24, 2012

When you're a workaholic

and an in general busybody like I attempt to be, you tend to go through fits and spurts of doing things.  I really want to have a cute little original analogy for it, but all I've got right now is that I've got several pots cooking at once and I'm rotating which ones are on the back burner.  When I missed that first post in February, the blog suddenly went on the back burner.  And that means many things went unposted, much to the dismay of grandparents.

Things like Valentines day:

Mischievous playing in the rain (didn't want to listen and come in the house, doesn't help that Mommy's taking pictures):

Monthly photos:

Attempts to get cute things on video, but getting attitude instead:
(Listen closely at the end and you will hear her try to repeat don't touch it"

and finally getting her to show off:

The start of spring, and getting to wear short sleeves:

Having to be in a jungle of a car because we were bringing home new plants:

And the first attempt to pull back her hair:

Time goes by so quickly, that it is time for another set of monthly pictures even:

I also miss telling you the story of how we were asking her to repeat animal sounds that she knows (as you can see below):

And she got tired of the game when I asked her to repeat what a sheep says so she looked at me, gave me a huge deliberate shrug of her shoulders (both shoulders touching her ears) and promptly walked away.  It's amazing how much attitude she can show already.

Then there's me trying to get her to show off again:
One day I will catch her doing all her wheels on the bus movements, the make me smile every time.

The final amusement comes from a video on my phone.  Ann is showing her imagination these days and I asked her how she would rock her baby.  This is what I got:

If I try to put the baby's head in her arms, she switches it back to that way.

I think that will do for now.  Hopefully work will slow down (but that's unlikely to happen, I'm got a million projects there)and we certainly don't want to get into the controversial topics that are abound these days.  Plus I still have crafts to do!

Later all!

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