Friday, January 13, 2012


not of Friday the 13th.  I call them my lucky day.  I started dating Chad on a Friday the 13th...

I've read a good blog post recently (and stupid me can't find the link anymore) about the power of putting words down in writing.

To me that is very true.  There are things that I have put in writing before and wished I had controlled myself to not to.  Once in writing not only is it rattling around in my brain where I can hear it (am I the only one who hears my thoughts in my voice?) but then I can see it staring back at me and it's real.

And in this day of the internet and facebook where Big Brother is watching you, it makes it so much more real.

This is what scares me from pursuing things I have thought about or want to share.  And then I use excuses to avoid putting things down in writing, especially when it can start a debate or let someone down.

This is why that stream of consciousness post I'm talking about is not done today (with absolutely no blame to go to the 12+ hour shift I worked, or the next two I have to do).

So, I promise this.  To help me get over it I will post the stream of consciousness on Monday and I will answer a writing prompt honestly from NaBloPoMo on Tuesday.  Both of those day's I'm off and will have time to go through them during naps to make sure they get done.  The rest of the days we will take as they come.

As for tomorrow and Saturday, I'll see what I can come up with.

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