Sunday, January 29, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

In wanting to clear my mind today I have managed to make the time for that stream of consciousness post that I talked about weeks ago.  Or at least what you will get from a stream of consciousness as I won't let my mind wander some places.  And that means that you truly get a post with a little random dribble about this and a little about that.
With that the first thing that I go to is that I've been spending more time on Pintrest and find that for the purpose that I'm using it, I like it.  I am using it in place of bookmarks for those random ideas that I find that I like and want to be able to find again.  The fact that there are pictures for each pin is the best part about it.  If you have my email address and you want to be there, let me know and I'll invite you.
I find that because I am enjoying blogging to a certain extent everyday, even the days where I don't have an idea, that I kind of want to continue it next month.  But as you've seen with my job that can be hard especially when I want to share parts of my day and I can't because it will violate privacy, ethics, and laws.  At the same time I've found a really neat idea that I just may try.  Even though I will have some traveling, I could pull this idea off with the proper planning (because I just have to alter everything)... I have until Wednesday to decide.
I've realized that for all my stops, starts, and trys to do things with this blog that I think of this as a family blog.  Even when it was just Chad and myself I was talking about our life as a family then and I continue it today.  That's how I classified the blog this month on Nablopomo and it feels as if it finally fits. 
Every time I declare my intention to clean my craft room it falls through.  Now I want to turn it into more than a craft room.  Ann needs to get out of the living room.  The toys at least.  And as she is doing so well with little things, maybe this will be just a catch all room.  There's more that goes into this, and I won't share it in case it all falls through but... perhaps I'm getting somewhere.
I find it funny that a lot of people call me crafty.  My type of crafty is not hard to be.  I follow patterns doing crafts that require a lot of practice and can be as simple or complicated as you want.  I know this can be irritating saying this now, especially with sewing because for the longest time it was out of my reach, but it's true. I can vary some from a pattern to make it more pleasing to me but I certainly am not a pattern maker.  Everytime I have sat down and tried to just start in whatever project that I'm doing I can't just let myself go and do it.  It never looks or feels right to me, so it goes away.  To me, the crafty people are the ones that design.  Maybe this also means, that to properly utilize my skills and time and not feel guilty about having so much I should only purchase when I know what I want to make and have the design to do it with.  This way, even if I'm going to vary it, I have the guidance that  motivates me to complete a project.
There are some people that I know that have been very pushy and overly preachy about their beliefs lately.  It's starting to irritate me.  Many of these beliefs are things that on principle I can agree with too.  I just don't believe in pushing viewpoints down others throats.  I also believe that it's better to have a good safe world living by your beliefs for yourself instead of pushing them down other peoples throats.  Many times that's why I rarely comment on political things here (I won't say never because that has not been true in the past and I'm sure will not be true in the future).  Many times what's right for me isn't what is right for others.
I find that lately I'm over using commas.  Perhaps it's time to invest in Eats Shoots and Leaves to remind me of the things that I have forgotten from those long ago English classes.  While I still have an English book or two left over from my classes and Chad's classes I certainly will not be reading those.  After all, if I don't make a habit of reading my nursing textbooks it's not going to happen with that.
The best thing I have done for myself is to have a general guideline of what I want to do made out each week.  The worst thing I do is to not make one.  Now that I am in a habbit of blogging more this should be the next habbit that I make.
One day I will take the time to write about my job in a way that will not get me in trouble with HIPAA, my facility, or any family that may come across this blog.  Until then I will say that it can be the absolute best or the worst thing in the world and that as part of the worst part of it I come into contact with situations that make me extremely judgmental and for that I will have to spend my time in purgatory.
And with that thought, I find that everything I will allow myself to put down is out there.  If you've made it this far, congratulations.  I'll be back tomorrow!

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