Monday, January 23, 2012

In my own nerdy little world

Every now and then I wonder about all those taster choice commercials from when I was growing up.  You know the ones that were like a soap opera?

Apparently they are my new passtime when I have nothing else to ponder about (who really believes that) since the elusive Nickelodeon Looney Tunes Commercial was sent to me by my brother.

Although they are certainly easier to find.  They were made first in the UK and then in the US for the same coffee under a different name and this is what I can find of them:

and then I can find this one:

I know more are out there, I just can't find them.  Plus, I'm a little surprised with all the other geeky things there are out there these days, that there's not one place that has all the US versions all in order.  I think, from the little I've found out that the US carried it a little further than the UK but the UK had theirs compiled for them (as seen above) and a mystery writer wrote a novel based on the commercials...

Yes, I do indeed sometimes do way to little with my time.  Honestly, it's what happens when my brain just needs a shut down for a little while.  At least I did manage to put away the laundry today...

And for those wondering about the Looney Tunes Commercial:

Night all.

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