Sunday, November 06, 2011

One. More. Day.

A friend of mine, who is a respiratory therapist posted something today along the lines of - "Okay NNICU, you win".  I feel the same way and I have one more day to go.

I want to bore you with the little things I find that irk me, with observations about who I am since I am embedded in my NNICU career, my arts and crafts, and other such musings.  Instead I am going to try to make it up the stairs so I can go to bed.  My feet and ankles are putting up a pretty good protest though.  I don't think they've protested like this since pregnancy...

So, that's my brief post.  I'm still embattled in the midst of four twelve hour shifts and can't believe it's Sunday.  I'd give a further update, but all of you are reading it from the day to day posts.  (Yes, Ann has been fine since the fall, and she threw a fit this morning because she couldn't go with me to work)  Pictures to come later in the week.

Until tomorrow!

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