Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Johnson & Johnson Nursing Campaign

Johnson & Johnson wants to do a lot for nursing and encouraging people to be appreciative of nurses or to become a nurse.  Usually I'm amused by their commercials but then I saw this one and had an extremely negative reaction to it:

To me, the first time I saw this, it is against everything that hospice is about.  Hospice is for letting people accept with dignity the end of their life.

I have since talked to a few hospice nurses about it and read some of the comments on the you tube video page about how it portrays a message that death doesn't have to me immediate for hospice care, or that it shows compassion and that the nurses are aware when the patient is ready to die.  I can definitely see this point.

So now my reaction is not as strong but I still feel it's inappropriate teaching for the general public, who is the target audience of this commercial.  I don't think they should change the video, but the wording could have been "I'll be happy to do that for you when the time comes" instead of "not tonight."  That, to me, would have conveyed both the hospice nurses point of view and the a good view for general public at the same time.

This one though, makes me smile each time:

I couldn't imagine being anything else other than a nurse.  It's not for everyone certainly, there is a quality we all share that not everyone has.  My life has certainly changed because of it.

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