Monday, November 14, 2011

And a little more work...

This is a full week for me.  Therefore not a lot of thought going on this evening.

I did find this article interesting though.

I can identify in myself some of the things I don't know.  How about you?

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Amanda said...

I think I know how to do most of those things, however, I CHOOSE not to parallel park, lol. There is a Mercedes commercial that I absolutely hate. The actors start talking about how they didn't know they were falling asleep - but their car did. Seriously? And in very fine print at the bottom it said something like the car shouldn't be used if you are tired. Um. DUH. It's ridiculous. And while all the new cars have cool gadgets and whatnot, I'm still very disappointed that there weren't flying cars by the year 2000. LOL