Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Little Play Time

We all know I'm behind.  We all know who keeps reminding me that I'm behind.  So let's start by catching up.  Ann is really into finger foods now, including her first taste of cheese that came last week:

 Then it was time for last weeks, weekly pictures, which Ann informs me she thinks already that they are a joke.  After all, there's no need to look at the camera when it's at my eye, just before:
 Or already give me a sullen stare (she's starting early she is) just because she can:
 And then, we laugh and have a goofy grin:
 But forget it if I ask her to be a lady, this is what I get:
 And she shows me how delightful this behavior is for her:
 Really, I can't ask for anything better though.  It truly is mostly fun and games.  Especially when I get to enjoy practicing my photography and showing off the skills that I'm learning (SLOWLY) when sewing:

 The previous pictures came from this morning at the Colonial Dorchester Historic State Park.  We weren't there long, as it is unbelievably hot and humid (typical Charleston) so I'm happy I got what I did.  My friend Karen went with me and helped me with most of the set up, etc.

Then we came home to play, and generally be cute too:

 And to take today's official pictures:

But now, I think I'm being told that's enough:

And I must post the following so the grandparents can enjoy, but they are of horrible quality, so pay more attention to Ann and her giggles, walking, and talking, than to me or the lack of stability in the first video or lack of focus in the second.  Ann hounds me wanting to get a hold of the camera and then won't do what she was doing for the video.  I'll have to set up one day and leave the camera alone, then video the next day, not having moved the camera so that she will ignore it again.

Anyway, enjoy what you can:

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