Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm told you want more videos...

But first, enjoy the pictures. 

Ann was being so funny coming in and out of her room to the gate at the top of the stairs I thought I would post jailbird pictures:

 At one point she seemed (and I'm probably totally imagining it) to make the sign for dog so I found a puppy for her to play with:

 Weekly picture:

Enjoying her carrots, I can't believe how big she is in the high chair now.
 And she'll even let you see her teeth if you click the picture:
And finally the video.

Ann playing with her new toy:

Getting a little better:

And, this one is not good quality (I'm sorry for the unsavory view of me) but you can see her better at the end of it.  As of right now she still isn't up to performing again for the camera and is protesting, although, she usually enjoys it four or five times a day.

Other than that typical day in our house.  Later all!


Amanda said...

I see you're preparing her for the stairs. Such a big girl! I think we'll still put up the gate at our house, though. There are lots of not baby safe toys upstairs, lol. Can't wait to see you guys!

Melissa said...

I don't anticipate being able to take our gates down before next April or so at the earliest so that's a great idea to me. I'm getting excited too!

Have you guys ever been to the Pacific Science Center?