Sunday, May 29, 2011

General Cuteness

So, let's face it, no matter what my best intentions are, the pictures are always late and I never post about anything other than Ann.  There seems to be a lot of best intentions with me that are not making it past the thoughts rattling around in my maze of a brain right now.  And perhaps that's the problem, but I will get to that one day.  Let just say that there is a lot of things going on right now weighing on my and all of them stem directly for work, that I very rarely talk about on here.  I'll just leave it at that.

But I am lucky enough to have this distraction of general cuteness overload on my days off:
 Since my last post we have done a varying amount of things here, I wanted to see how Ann would react to having "finger" foods so I took a few peas out of the can I was getting ready to puree and let her entertain herself:

 And I call this one the, "Mom, you are out of your mind if you think I believe that I eat this little round things."

 We've spent time in the water at both the beach and the pool but only have pictures from the beach:
Dancing with Daddy is so much fun!
 We are sitting in a tidal pool here and she's still not sure what to think of the water, after all, it is salty!
 We have been a ham for the camera during our weekly pictures:

 And trying hard not to get caught practicing trying to crawl:

 She's also hard at work at preventing me from taking pictures of any emerging teeth (one on the bottom and one on the top):
 As well as amusing us with how she throws her foot out to maneuver herself around:
 And really practicing trying to crawl:

 "Oops, get down quick, Mom has the camera out:"

 And perhaps, we are making a little progress:

(Interesting note on the video, suggested tag for it was "combat sports")
In light of realizing that I had been successful in capturing movement on camera, we deterred at trying to capture the teeth again:

And passed out exhausted on the floor that night:

We've continued just being adorable when playing and she's humored me as I try to find good pictures:
 (I personally just find the single first finger in her mouth way too cute)
 And mistakenly, if you look closely, manage to capture that elusive bottom tooth in a picture:
 We have enjoyed posing and smiling even more for the camera:

 And takes to showing how much work it all is when she doesn't realize I'm looking:
 But we get back up in the morning, raring to go again:
Even to the point that we are ready to try this:

This is the best video I've been able to get as fully crawling has been achieved while I've been working this weekend (actually, I've been at MUSC 12+ hours for the past four days in a row but one of them was meetings and teaching CPR)  She was still a little tired as I recorded it this morning, hopefully tomorrow brings on better video opportunities.  Chad tells me she is fully going after what she wants (time to make sure all craft items are hidden!) and is dismantleing things that she gets her hands on.  Ann doesn't quite realize yet that she can follow us into the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom but I'm sure it won't be long.

And now, I will retire to bed for the night.  But I'm happy that for once I have finally posted at least some text with the photos!

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karen said...

Ok, I refuse to cry at work. Absolutely, positively refuse to cry at work. It's not the mile stones that the baby makes that makes me all gushy inside but watching ya'll seeing those steps for the first time makes want to tear up. I may not have kids of my own but I raised my nieces and nephews and saw those mile stones myself in my "kids". The discovery and frustrations are going to be endless and it never stops. I love sitting on the sidelines cheering the "game" on for parents vs. bedtime and parents vs. first sleep over...etc. She is beautiful and such a wonderful mix of you both. But just so you both know...I'm cheering for Ann!