Friday, April 15, 2011

6 Months Old

Ann is now six months old as of yesterday.  That was quick.  She's now rolling over both ways, including at night she has taken to sleeping on her stomach.  As long as she doesn't keep shoving her face into the mattress I'll be fine with it.

My favorite pictures are quickly becoming the ones looking up at me from her stomach:

And here are the six month pictures:

 And just in case you think that my life does nothing but revolve around my daughter since that's all that I talk about now, well you are right, but I am still doing other things too (yes, I'm doing karate).  Take for instance, don't you just love the face I'm getting as I'm asking Ann to show off her new dress (yes I made it!):

 But she's really more interested in what she can hold on to to stand besides my hands.
 And I found her nap today amusing, in how she was holding her pacifier (if she can help it, it no longer stays in the holder.)
And that does me for now.  As I am only slowly improving my procrastination for this year, I do have other things to get to tonight.  The craft room is now manageable and I can locate what's in my craft closet freeing me up to actually do things.  Hence the dress and I finished repairing a much loved pillow for our couch.  Now to see what other in progress crafts I have to finish.


Karen G said...

It's hard to believe that six months has gone by for sure! I love walking by Chad's desk in the back and seeing the pic of Ann on his cabinet door and automatically thinking that 1+1=Ann. I smile everytime.

Judy said...

Boy she has grown wish I could see her in person she looks like you and your mom ...she is presious..