Thursday, March 10, 2011

Faster and Faster

Every time I turn around two weeks has slipped by and I haven't posted.  And I have new videos I should post too. I will stick with pictures for today and try to get the videos this weekend.  I have to work tomorrow of course.  

These pictures include one from our quick trip to the Upstate, weekly picture from week 20 (last week), our first taste of peas (with confusion that dad was holding the camera, because wait, isn't that mom's job, she gets just as confused if I have the camera on the tripod), playing with toys, and fun with this weeks pictures, including laughing at herself for showing off her socks, and an unexpected nap on the floor!

Got all that?  Yea, that's about how I remember it too.

Other than that Ann is growing so big.  We are currently transitioning into our 6-9 month clothes (today's outfit for her pictures is a 6-9 month outfit) and deciding what will work for a little while longer and what won't.  We went today to a consignment sale in the area and got some really good deals.  We came home with somewhere between 12 and 17 outfits between 6-9 months and 9-12 months, a bathing suit for her, and the best score of the day this activity center.  The activity center was only $7 and all I have to do is get balls to go with it.  Easy enough.

That will do for tonight as I now have to get to bed for work tomorrow.  Later all!

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