Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another first

There are so many little things going on in the house lately.  Ann has taken to showing us the first signs that she will have some of Chad's mannerisms (at least this is his take on it) as she spends half of vehicle rides holding onto her seat in this way with either one or both hands:

 And she's feeling better as today's photo shoot was much more playful and included shots with her looking at the camera:

But she also figured she would get a little support from her friends:

 But please, everyone must remain on their respective sides:

And today we went and spent and extended period of time outside while I pruned the bushes beside the house:

 And enjoyed the last of the cool weather flowers as spring is on it's way here as exhibited by the pollen count being given with the weather reports in each mornings news, buds on the tree, and quickly developing grass patches.

 But really, today was our first attempt at "solid" food with formula mixed with rice cereal:

Obviously the jury is still out on this one.

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