Friday, January 28, 2011

Time slips by

And I find that I'm not posting on here, even if I have a ton I would like to post about: Christmas gifts I ended up making, commercials that are annoying me, how work is going now, etc, etc, etc.  And I know, being behind as I am, that people are anxious to see this weeks pictues of Ann.

So, once again, I will do pictures and all the rest can wait for another time.  Hopefully I'll get into my better schedule soon, especially since I'm working to do that some already and choose now to pump only four times a day as opposed to 7, it's already amazing how much time that feels like it has opened up for me.

Any way, on to the pictures.  Ann has discovered she can look through the rails in her crib:

She's also discovered she can hold on to them too.  It makes me giggle to see her little fingers sticking out when I place her in the crib during the day so that I can put on a load of laundry or take a shower.  At night, at the moment she is still swaddled with her sleep sack but I'm slowly loosening that up so that when she outgrows this sack she won't be shocked going cold turkey without swaddling.

Grandma came to visit this past weekend:

and Ann is getting better at tummy time:

I am getting smiles and giggles almost every time I ask for them:

 But, she does take after me with a natural pout:
 And is having a lot more fun doing her weekly pictures:

 "Cookie Monster is my best friend:"

 "But I love Big Bird too:"
 "I'll even give him a kiss:"
And she does seem to be giving kisses now, as she will open her mouth and put it up against my cheek.  It's so sweet! (and probably all in my head that she's trying to "kiss" but I'll take it!)

Later all!

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