Friday, October 01, 2010

Final Ultrasound

So, today was the final ultrasound for the Fetal Growth Study that I'm a part of.  And I believe that pumpkin was more cooperative than usual.

Well, except for this one, we were being dramatic here.

But how about the rest of these:

But poor baby appears to have my pouty sour face when relaxed.  Oh, well.  I promise you it's just a natural expression, we're not sad or upset!

Ultrasound currently predicts baby to be about 6lb 8oz which really isn't much of a change from the one last month.  My midwife predicts in the 8lb range so.... we'll see.  The whole reason this study is taking place is because ultrasounds can be off by two pounds in either direction and there is no way this baby is under 5lbs. 

Other than that, my days continue and soon I will get those pictures up of my knitting and crocheting projects!

Later everyone!

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