Friday, September 24, 2010

37 5/7 Weeks

So, I'm now 37 5/7 weeks pregnant and Chad is counting down the days to my due date.  As much as I would love for this baby to wait until then It really could be any time between now and 10/18 that this happens.
I know more people would love to be able to see me at this point so I took the opportunity today to take a few pictures of myself.  I hope you enjoy them.  I actually like the first two, so it was worth it.

Other than that just about everything seems ready to go.  The house is clean (and probably this is the only time it will be) AND all of my outside projects (don't ask about crafts) seem to have come to a good pause point.

Don't worry, we will keep everyone updated as to what is happening, but family will be called first before it shows up on facebook!

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