Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I actually have a finished project! Yesterday I finished my first quilt!

It was very much a learning quilt and there is lots I need practice on (binding, keeping stitching straight, etc). I contemplated before I finished it yesterday re-quilting what I had already done due to the fact that I started without a walking foot and then finished with a walking foot (they went on sale during that time frame) but as it's my first quilt and the time to learn a lot I opted not to. Especially since I am now a full fledged to subscriber of you need to keep what you started with to see how you improve.

I'm not working on figuring out my next quilting project from a bali pop (a fabric set) I bought while in Washington.

These are the two layouts (up close and far away) I've played with to maybe to a triple rail top, but I don't think these are going to work very well.

I'm going to sit on it some more but I will probably end up doing a simple four patch with the sets.

Other work is taht I am very close to finishing my craft room and it's nice to see the organization coming together with it. Final touches are coming very soon, I can tell (I'm waiting for bookcases to come in).

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Judy said...

Your quilt is very pretty and you are so talented.Thanks for letting me see it keep up the good work thinkng of starting me a web site for my jewerly projects let me know if you have any suggestions..Judy Richardson(Anderson SC )