Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's really Wednesday

Where has this week gone? Jury duty was canceled for me so I've worked today and tomorrow. Therefore I'm not getting things done as I would like to. On the other hand, I have been more productive than usual this week, which is actually why I don't have pictures to show today:

1. I'm weeding and setting up the projects for what to do this year, placing them in plastic bags for organization and to have the projects set for a grab and go of most of what is needed (that means the room is messier than usual)
2. I've purchased fabric for a quilt and have beads to purchase as well. These are the craft supplies I'm "allowed" to purchase - bead supplies and quilting supplies. After getting off the phone with my mother this evening I know I have enough yarn to last me quite awhile between my current stash and the stash that is coming to me.
3. I'm purchased the first of my CPR Heartsaver course supplies. Once I have this first set in hand (that includes my instructor materials) I can figure out what else I need and set up my classes.
4. I'm working out everyday, even if it's just 15 minutes. So far, so good. Thank heavens for the Wii.

Quite a list so far and I have lots more on it. this organization is slwo going but it is certianly helping.

Talk to you all tomorrow!

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