Thursday, December 24, 2009

Once again, I have a plan...

Typical of me, I'm looking behind, catching up on today, and planning too far ahead. yes, you know that mood - the new year is upon me and I feel it's time to look inward, evaluate, and possibly change. Definitely change. I usually wait until new years to post this, but I'm so invigorated that I can't wait.

Of coarse, also typical of me, it doesn't help that I'm not quite finished with current (and hibernating) projects, that I've been thinking about these changes since Thanksgiving, and that I still have incomplete housekeeping.

I had lofty goals at the beginning of the year. This was to be my year of indulgence. I set 10 areas that I wanted to concentrate on and said that would be it for me and what I do.

Surprisingly, looking back at my list, my ten goals have worked well for me. I haven't done as much as I would like in some areas but I've touched on every one. Feeling that way I believe I will touch on these same subjects for 2010 with one or two goals for each of the ten.

The main part is that I have to be realistic for each area. Chad and I know that we have changes coming in our lives with his switch to day shift and return to school. I'm expanding my nursing career by becoming a CPR instructor and my karate career by becoming an instructor for the dojo. I don't know what other opportunities in my life may open up this year but the potential is great.

So, my plan for 2010 becomes this:

For everything I'm going to mention, I need to organize. Chad has started this for me by providing me with shelves. I don't know why I don't stay organized at home. I organize my day at work so I can get through it and if the way I did things was not working for me I would not have a job in a neonatal icu. That said I should have a basic but not rigid outline for everything else to guide me through, as I use my planning at work to guide my day. Truly nothing rigid, just the basics.

Basics such as I should spend at least 30 minutes a day picking up and doing little things so that I don't have a mountain of work to do when I'm off (that I will ignore until the last possible minute). Or I should utilize at least one hour of my days off for some reading so that I continue to get reading time in.

But I'm getting ahead of myself again and this is where I always digress. So, lets go back and one at a time look at each area, how I've done this year, and what I plan to do.

To read my original post about my plans, follow this link.


1. Yarn crafts:
Clearly these are a mainstay in my life - Knitting, crocheting, and dreams of spinning- due to their portability and ability for me to do while I'm watching a movie, tv, or talking with others. I have accomplished many projects - both documented and undocumented, but not expanded too much. I did not expand my spinning skills and am not sure at what point I will do that. Yet, for all that I have done, I still am not as accomplished as I want to be, mainly by the fact that I don't finish what I want to when I want to.

For 2010 I want to make the projects that I have the materials for and increase my speed at completing projects. This is a time consuming craft that becomes hard to see the progress being made. I enjoy it by all means but do not want to loose it to the craft that I have found is becoming my instant gratification craft.

2. Digital Photography:
Another constant in my life. I love taking photos. I feel happy sharing my photography and it makes others happy. This year I have approached it much the same, only slightly honing skills. Although, this year I did have the honor to take wedding photos for Chad's cousin.

For 2010 I would like to focus on more frameable shots and artistic shots with my crafts. I have examples of the types of shots I'm looking for and look forward to exploring.

3. Cross-stitch:
I have not utilized this craft for more than very small embellishments this year but there is lots I want to do with it. I know of four big projects I want to do in 2010 - all gifts. With a little time dedicated each week - say one hour on one day off a week - I should be able to do this.

4. Beading and Clay work:
For 2009 I lumped these two together for no real reason other than I already had the supplies and I indulged in them very rarely. I thought at the time that they should not be lumped together, but didn't have a better way to do it as each thing I did with these two items complimented my other projects. While, this year I've done very little with clay work, my bead work is picking up. Additionally, while I don't have these two hand in hand yet - I just may yet find myself making my own polymer clay beads.

2010 will definitely see a rise in what I do with beads. I have the support of a wonderful local bead shop, the plan on taking a class from that shop, and I've already made myself my first pair of earrings. I plan to make more jewelry and incorporate more beads into my yarn crafts (remember those projects with supplies already purchased - lot of beads already).

5. Sewing:
I was hesitant about this at the beginning of the year but I was determined. I started the year, unable to sew but this year, I have learned to sew!! I have now become a beginning quilter too. And this has become my "instant gratification" craft. I look down when I finish my work for that moment and it is very easy to see my progress. That alone has made it more satisfying and pushed it towards the front of my crafts. It is very easy to be caught up in sewing.

For 2010 i will make more and expand upon my basic skills. There are quilts I want to make and scrub tops. This is my wide open craft and the possibilities are endless. I just have to be mindful and purchase with purpose only. Notice, no purchases in the other areas until projects are complete. And I should complete these projects first before expanding here.

Overall for all of my crafts I should plan better and spend the first part of the year completing the outstanding projects.

That brings us to my interests. Interest wise, here is where I stand:

1. Karate:
2009 has been good for me. I entered the Sempai academy and am three months away from earning that title (it means assistant instructor). I earned my red belt and have progressed as expected with my patches. I started the pressure point program and will continue with that.

I plan to continue mentally and physically preparing for my black belt. I will only accept on reason, that is not up for discussion, to delay that accomplishment. I plan to continue teaching and learning. 2010 will be another good year.

2. Reading:
I read more than before, but still not as much as I want to. Therefore, as hinted before, this year I should read for 1 hour each day I'm off to get that in. As a settle down before bedtime ritual, it should fit in nicely.

3. Writing:
Another interest I have not done as much as I can with. since NaNoBloMo I have certainly done better though.

I enjoy most of my topics for posting on the blog. I am in the process of reworking some of what I will do, but this daily blogging habit is becoming a very good thing.

For 2010 I want to continue to post as much as I can, increasing the quality of my posts. While I can't promise I will post everyday, I will continue to strive to do so. I also want to take the habit and start and daily personal journal to keep my thoughts about everything in. Especially since I will continue to only share certain details of my life here. There are some things I can't share and some things I won't share but that does not mean I should loose them all. Journaling should be my next step for that.

4. Cooking:
I've done more cooking this year but am not at the "just throw it together" point for much of any dish that is made. I still rely heavily on recipes. Chad has been the real go getter here with his cheesecakes and cinnamon rolls.

For 2010 I want to make 1 new recipe a week. This will both expand my skills and expand our repertoire of food. Add into it my weakly Friday Feast blog posts and this can be a very fun experiment.

5. Gardening:
This remains the interest I know the least about. I have learned new information, but mostly too late for use in this year. So, I plan to implement my information and learn new information. Additionally I want to start keeping an indoor herb garden for my cooking.

I believe that should cover it for 2010. To continue to fit all of this in, I will organize better and utilize my time off better. I know most of you will not believe this but I have a lot of wasteful time. If I change even just 10% of that time I will accomplish more.

Little habit changes are going to be the key. I am going to do this. 2010 will hold a lot and this is going to be a good year!

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