Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday News Update

Welcome to Saturday!  I can't believe that now we are a few short days away from Thanksgiving.
Here's what I've collected to look at this week:
I was touched by this story of a professional football player just wanting to do the right thing:,202608
This story is interesting to me simply becuase I could never imagine jelly fish being this large:
While there are definately missing details in this case, if events were as the teen protrayed then I'm very saddened by how intolerant this world has become:
If only I could accomplish the organization this person talks about in his blog:
Alas, this is impossible as the little ones I work with won't wait.
I'm always intruigued by the Shroud of Turin but this story seems really far fetched to me:
Our holiday's may be in danger!
 I will have to pick up pumpkin whenever I find it so that Chad has a stock whenever his reciepes call for pumpkin.
And finally, articles about how much the state legislature is paid here in SC

I was sure with the first article and affirmed of that with the second article that our legislature is paid enough.  It is a public service in which they are compensated for the time they serve.  Leave it alone.  Now, if only we could convince Congress of this as well.

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