Tuesday, November 10, 2009

40 years of Sesame Street

Those that know me know what a huge Jim Henson fan I am. Today one of the shows that thrived due to the fact he influenced it start's it's 40th season.

It's very hard for me to express just what this and other Jim Henson shows mean to me and my entire thought process and beliefs. I get choked up at my favorite clips (I would like to visit the moon, Rainbow Connection, etc) and the full potential that they have. I've been even more amazed at how Sesame Street transcends age groups, I very well appreciate the clips even more now than I did growing up.

I learned so much from this show, and still do. Every little clip teaches something so for today's teaching Tuesday, here are some of my favorite clips.

I can't listen to the Let It Be with out singing this song:

And another letter song that I enjoyed:

I could go on all day with Classic Sesame Street, I've had to make myself stop so you can appreciate what's here. I can't wait to see what is included on the 40 Years DVD set!

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