Sunday, August 09, 2009

One more day

I have one more day to work, then I have one day off. Following that I work Wednesday and then receive two days off to celebrate the anniversary of when Chad and I started dating. I have big plans for those days I just can't tell you as it is a complete surprise to Chad.

My family and I have now drawn names so I can cement my Christmas gift making list after I return home from work tomorrow night. I became waylaid last week because I kept forgetting to call Daniel so that we could do the name draw over the phone.

I have not started cutting my fabric for my quilt yet, but it is out of the package. Mom would like to see me keep this for myself, but I don't know yet. I think it may end up as a gift. We'll see how I'm feeling about it when I finish it (if I think it looks like crap, I keep it - if I'm happy with it, I'll give it to someone)

My knitted top is progressing well and I hope to take pictures soon (it comes down to me thinking about it when I have it out).

So life progresses and I am almost through this work session. And now that the washer is finished I can go put the clothes in the dryer and head to bed.

Good night all, talk to you soon!

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Melissa said...

I am sad, I didn't even realize that I had mentioned the name draw in my last post. Show's you where my mind is - still at work!