Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm struggling

I'm struggling to take a bit of my own advice. I'm doing better, but struggling.

That piece of advice is to remember there's a learning curve and it will take awhile to get over that curve.

Needless to say, I've been working on my quilt. After being guided by my friend to get the proper tools (and a 50% off sale on those tools that I sent Chad to pick up for me helped greatly) I'm finding I enjoy it.

But I'm still terrified of not producing the "perfect" end product, especially since I know for a fact that I'm not.

I've started out with great confidence, cutting all my pieces and feeling very good about how neat everything looked when I had done that:

Playing with how I may arrange the pieces together:

Finally deciding on the last one pictured (which incidentally was the first way I arranged them).

Rigging my lamp with yarn to angle on my sewing machine the way I wanted it to because I was too lazy to climb behind the couches to get my goose neck lamp out to bring into the office:

Running out of bobbin thread at the end of a sewing the squares together into rows:
(Yes, I am easily amused by little things)

Congratulating myself for having them all sewn together in rows, ready to sew the rows together
And now, in the morning light, for of the rows are now sewn together and not lining up how they should:

It looks okay from a distance though:
I think I know my problems and why this is happening:
1. The first fabric I cut, I forgot to trim and square the edges in my excitement to be cutting.
2. Not all the seems are spot on 1/4 inch due to my learning curve with guiding fabric appropriately through the machine.
3. I had difficulties figuring out how to square up the rows.

I'm not going to stop now, I am going to finish this for a couple of reasons:
1. There is a learning curve and this is the only way to get through it.
2. I'm afraid my fabric will ravel too much and I won't have anywhere near the finished measurements if I do.
3. There is a learning curve to this (yes, I have to remind myself this several time) and I have to get through it so that I can show Sarah I'm not good at everything when I first start doing it (she's frustrated by learning to knit and feels that it's bad that she's not "as good as me").
4. It will be nice to have my first project of some type of craft as the first knitting and crocheting projects are long gone having been ripped out long ago.

Now, if I could only figure out what causes my machine to do this every now and then:

(That's the top spool thread getting caught in the bobbin area and wrapping multiple times before jamming).

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Amanda said...

You should talk to my sister, Sarah. She's made several quilts and uses a sewing maching so she may be able to help. She's on my facebook, feel free to add her...Sarah Brack. :)

I personally don't have the patience for crafts. I would have quit when I realized the first mistake. Learning curve or not, if it's not going to turn out right, or what I THINK is right, then I don't finish it. I admire that you are pushing through and finishing the quilt. :)