Thursday, February 05, 2009

100 Random Things about me

1. I still overly worry about what others think of me.

2. I have no real sense of humor and am completely lost when it comes to British humor.

3. I'm stuck in a time warp with music. I do know current songs but only thanks to Chad.

4. Despite number 2 I love Jeff Dunham, enjoy Carlos Mencia, and can find things on the Bob and Tom show funny.

5. Additionally to number 2 I did not start liking the show Scrubs until after I started working at a university hospital... its a little bit of a scary thought.

6. I don't typically go for the color red but so many people love to see me in it.

7. I'm not liking my hair style right now even though I get the most compliments about it.

8. I always say I'm going to print out my pictures, but mostly they are stuck in the computer because I'm to lazy to print them.

9. Family stories from Chad's grandfather and listening to others from his generation fascinate me.

10. If I take something one step at a time I can do what I put my mind to (i.e. sewing) but I frequently overwhelm myself and feel bad that I don't grasp everything to do with a topic at once.

11. I've decided my nursing career needs new skills and am going to cross train to our post-partum unit and see what it's like to work with moms.

12. I always wanted to be a nurse, even when I was being an ass and saying school was to hard for me and attempted to switch my major to business (that lasted only one semester).

13. I'm a big believer in procrastination and suffer the consequences from it.

14. I have this foolish belief that I will overcome my need for "stuff". Luckily this is a hereditary trait.

15. I miss writing and could kick myself for not dedicating more time to it.

16. When I think I can do something well, I always believe that I'd be able to make money doing it but will never take the initiative to try.

17. I have no desire to go back to school at all and don't feel any regrets over this.

18. I have many pet peeves about little things that really shouldn't matter.

19. I wish more companies these days would make their physical contact address more accessible because I would write to complain and compliment more.

20. I am usually oblivious to those around me in public and do not know when I'm being watched. This is why I love when Chad comes with me when taking photographs.

21. I'm paranoid about someone steeling anything from me and keep things locked or within my possession as much as possible.

22. I took karate when I was younger (preteen) because I was jealous that my brother was going to be able to take lessons and I wasn't. I'm really glad I did or else I wouldn't be into it today.

23. I'm more comfortable behind the scenes than fully in the spotlight.

24. I continued my speech career while taking classes at Tri-County but it was never as satisfying as it was in high school. Even though I won more awards in college.

25. I can think of no incentive what-so-ever to tell you that I would re-live my high school years. There's not enough of anything in this world to make me want to do that.

26. I don't understand as much as people think I do.

27. Even though I want to be into classy things that's really not my personality and I'm happy where I am.

28. I taught myself to knit from a book during my first year of nursing school.

29. My mom taught me to crochet and cross stitch.

30. I can rationalize a lot when I want to - how else do you think that beads and clay count as one craft. (The rationalization is that I have most of what I need for them and that they compliment my other crafts).

31. I don't do as much as I want to do.

32. I don't participate well in large groups. More than three people at a time and I'm overwhelmed and quiet.

33. Some people I work with don't believe that over all I have a quiet personality.

34. I have never been drunk.

35. I have been tipsy and become very talkative when I am.

36. Most of my immediate family think of me as "old."

37. 36 may be due to the fact that in order to remember to mail out cards for birthdays and such this year I have pre addressed envelopes and put them in the order I need to mail them.

38. I can't imagine wanting to own a Kindle, especially since I use a paper and pencil calendar and think that some technology is just making the world worse. I also think it's rewarding to hold an actual book in my hands.

39. I love board games but typically don't have anyone to play with (Daniel and Kat, I really look forward to you coming for this reason!)

40. I overly stress about my schedule and will put in for dates that I know I want off well in advance.

41. Sometimes I think I would take a retail job just for the heck of it because even though they are stressful, I would not be accountable for anyone's life.

42. I hate to clothes shop for myself and can not pick out flattering clothes for myself. I have better luck when my mom or someone else shops for me.

43. I secretly like the show What Not to Wear but would be the worst candidate for it as I know how bad my wardrobe is.

44. I miss the craft shows on DIY and have not watched that channel since the few crafting shows they now play are on at 5am.

45. I now like to listen to NPR, especially as I drive to work.

46. Even though there are multiple animals throughout the house, and the animals that are displayed on my entertainment center are Elephants, my favorite animal is a frog.

47. I stuck my parents with a dog after I got married.

48. I have had both hamsters and gerbils in my life at different points and both times ended up with the animals reproducing.

49. I fear I may be to late in writing to my grandmothers about obtaining some family stories.

50. I don't mind the schedule that Chad and I keep, it's everyone else around us that mind and have a problem with it.

51. Even though I care what others think, I still tend to do what I want to do.

52. I never believed that I would find the need for more expensive yarns that require extra care.

53. The next house we purchase will not have a homeowners association as they are rediculous.

54. I used to think I would be a night person only to discover I much prefer days and getting up early rather than staying up all night.

55. Sometimes I wish I had your average 9-5 schedule.

56. I have a bag fetish and feel one can never have to many bags.

57. This bag fetish does not apply to purses.

58. I still wish I could get away with carrying a smaller purse than I do.

59. I wish I spent more time at the beach than I do. Even though I live in the Charleston area I only make it to the beach about four or five times a year.

60. I have no willpower when it comes to food.

61. I have a secret addiction to the History channel, especially when it comes to shows dealing with any religious issues or the Haulocaust.

62. I dream about visiting all 13 original colonies.

63. I'm overly critical of movies that are supposed to be from books.

64. I have horrible depth perception and cannot estimate how large or far something is.

65. The longest it has ever taken me to read a book is 5 years.

66. I can't imagine living in a state that would require me to join a union to work.

67. I long to visit Holocaust memorial sites and Amsterdam for all the history.

68. I have an irrational fear of knives, I don't like to use them much and don't like to be close when others are using them. Nothing bad has ever happened to me with a knife so it truly is an irrational fear.

69. I love cold weather and know that South Carolina doesn't get enough of it.

70. I have a box fetish too and frequently save as many boxes as I can.

71. I'm an easy person to ignore or not understand and that bugs me. For example, I can be explaining something to a person and they won't get what I'm saying at all, but Chad will say with the exact same wording an it clicks.

72. I've been told I have an unusual vocabulary.

73. This blog is the longest I've ever kept any type of consistent journal.

74. I tend not to put things away quickly and my house is cluttered because of this.

75. Sometimes I pick up and remember small details that no one else remembers.

76. I save newspapers that I consider historic and think may be meaningful to a future generation.

77. I was shocked the first time I fired Chad's rifle and did much better than I thought I would.

78. I consider one of the best compliments I've had to be from Chad's grandfather that he wouldn't want to be at the opposite end of the barrel or a pistol from me when I was looking to use it.

79. I like to take inside family jokes to the point "of reality" in that I've made my brother several clay objects or obtained a stuffed animal for the random things that he says.

80. I talk to my youngest siblings more than I do Daniel who is much closer to me in age.

81. I hate text messaging and instant messaging.

82. I do not use any instant messaging any more because of this and will utilize text messaging only for a quick note rather than hold a conversation on it.

83. I have a phone that offers so many features (camera, im, web, etc, etc, etc) only because of the fact that the battery life is longer on that phone.

84. I keep a messy vehicle and always have only because I'm too lazy to always bring things in with me.

85. The amount of mess in my vehicle has vastly improved since high school and is no longer stacked up to the windows.

86. I have no desire to get a new vehicle and whenever Chad starts talking that there may be a possibility of doing so in the future I tell him that there is no need to, no matter what is going on with my truck.

87. I have piss poor upper body strength and even after being in karate for two years I struggle with simple push ups.

88. I have a desire to learn flower gardening because I just don't get plants that require a lot of maintenance. I am of the belief that after I put it in the ground it should be self sustainable with only watering in the case of drought required.

89. I had a period of 13+ years that I refused to eat hot dogs for no reason other than I said I didn't like them any more.

90. One of my favorite foods as a kid was corn dogs.

91. I think that there are too many laws concerned with too many little things and we should not protect people from all of their own stupidity.

92. I am horrible at handling finances so I don't.

93. I think it's sad that I don't have as many phone numbers memorized as I used to thanks to the ability to store them in my cell phone.

94. I am saddened by the fact that I don't feel my siblings have some of the basic knowledge they need.

95. I've never consistently worn make up on a daily basis because I've had a hard time finding one that I've liked.

96. I have a hard time distinguishing peoples ages and am often surprised that people are older than I think they are.

97. I don't keep in touch with extended family as much as I think I should.

98. I'm finally pursuing some of the projects I wanted to eight years ago.

99. I've taken books from my parents that were mine when I was a kid and still have toys in my parents attic too.

100. I have a harder time than I want to admit consistently following through with my goals.

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