Sunday, January 25, 2009

It must be something in the water...

Typically, when I get an urge to clean and organize I tidy things up so that they are clean and presentable to guests, shut out the thought of what I have, and make sure it stays out of site for awhile then I'm fine.

If that urge is even stronger, you will get the post like you saw the other day. Then everything is dragged out, I call issues, cull through the known trash, get tired of dealing with it and then throw everything back where you can't see it.

But right now, this isn't the case.

I can report that there has indeed been progress.

Don't ask to come walking through my house right this minute, as it is NOT going to look like it (and I'm sure it doesn't even look like it to Chad either) but I know there is progress and if asked to prove it, I can in little ways.

First, in my guest bedroom - "the dungeon" I now have a free closet if I were to have someone staying who wanted to use it (I imagine my siblings doing so when multiple people are staying in the room or they are staying over 1 week... a long time off, but a possibility). Yes, to open it this minute there is a t.v. in the bottom, but as I get the crafts into the office that t.v. will be able to come out and sit on my "chest" that has previously been holding yarn with my stereo on top but will now hold blankets as I have lots of blankets (I love blankets, I really do...) and the t.v. will go on top of it with the stereo moving to book shelves that will come up from the office closet.

The second closet in the room is mine. Period. Yes, there are things in there that I still will go through (I plan to devote one day a month, that's simple, to this) and put into albums. There are things I can NOT bring myself to part with (if I tear up at the thought of getting rid of it, it doesn't go) things that when I have better display area, will be out for people to see, things that I know the why's and how's and other story to that allow me to be okay with keeping.

In addition to those things though are boxes and empty storage containers. I keep boxes for various reasons, all valid. Just as I was thinking that I needed to give it up and get rid of some, I found I needed one I thought of throwing away to block a felted bag that I made. I legitimately use the boxes. And empty storage containers, I know I will find a use for as we will need them for Chad's woodworking and such when we have things organized how we would like them.

Why you can't see the difference is that all the craft stuff is out across the room. But I know what all of it is and am going to head back upstairs to start straightening it and putting it in such a way that it will be easy to bring downstairs. It still looks like a huge wreck and will for just a little bit longer.

I plan on my craft things coming downstairs to the office though so that I will utilize them more. I fear staying upstairs and working with the sewing machine or knitting machine,or things falling and crashing and waking Chad up as he is a light sleeper (unlike me). I think this is why I never fully make everything in my mind, I've kept it from being able to be used...

But there must be something in the water, as I am seeing this through instead of putting it off. And not only is it applying to the dungeon, but I have started to apply it to my computer. Pages of bookmarks for patterns - deleted as there is Ravelry to keep up with this for me now. Links I know I don't go to - gone. The emails from 2003 and before with the stupid forwards that I thought I would re-read - gone. My inbox - no longer 25+ messages just sitting there - only what is relevant, and if it isn't gone in a week, I'm trying to figure out why.

I don't know what this is, but I think I'm liking it.

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