Sunday, December 14, 2008

And, we see how well I've done.

I want to apologize for not getting back here this week. I let myself stress too much over lots of things plus worked four days this week. It's nice that we are busy again but it's one of those Catch 22 situations (I still have to read that book too to find out what the original Catch 22 is...).

So, Mom continues to do well, really well. Although constantly counting that she's gotten enough liquid and protein in is driving her crazy at times. I figure with everything else that goes on in that house, it's probably the smallest thing that drives her crazy.

Which brings me to my siblings... they were stressed last week, I have now (mostly) forgiven them for driving me batty. Unfortunately in that "batty-ness" was a situation that caused the bet to be canceled. I just can't award that type of behavior and he knows it. I had already proven, at least to Sarah's standards that I knew at least one song (James' standards kept changing constantly as he tried to weasel $10 out of me, but that is not the behavior that canceled the bet). I'm still contemplating if I have to time to video for embarrassment's sake but it will depend on work.

I didn't accomplish as much on projects as I wanted to during the little downtime at Mom and Dad's but that's thanks to Sarah and her Christmas present to me - Twilight by Stephanie Myers. I got sucked into that book and read through it as if it were Harry Potter... quickly. And now I await the rest of my Christmas present(s) from here which should be, according to her, the next few books of the series that she can find at a reasonable price. Poor Sarah just didn't like my Christmas list any... non of the stuff I asked for was cool enough. Luckily I wanted to be able to read the series and talk about it with her so we mutually agreed that Twilight would be a good idea and after I read that so fast... I can't blame here, she needed to share something she liked with me.

My Christmas cards should make it out in the mail tomorrow with gifts sent out later in the week. I'm getting there and trying not to stress about it. Just don't count on my sidebar to give you any real indication of where I am in the process, it's to close to time and I have to have a little fun surprising people.

So, you're caught up on two weeks ago. And this past week has been pretty much work, work, work for me. Chad's put up Christmas lights this year (a first for us, we've only been able to use the tree before!). We also have to rethink our shed and he's trying to do that... Stupid home owner's associations. Next place we live we're going to find without a HOA... I can't even plant a tree sapling without approval... maybe I should just let next years crop of tress sprout and let them grow... I only pulled over 100 from next to my house (RIGHT NEXT) this year, I'm sure I could save some... I mean, it's not like I planted it, I'm just being green and saving the trees. But that's really not worth the letters we would get about our grass being to high (if it reaches my ankles it's too high, and I'm not joking).

This week I'm excited because my cousin is coming to visit me with her friend. She's been living in Germany for over a year now and this is going to be the first I've seen her since my summer 2007 family reunion. I can't wait to show them around as they've never been to Charleston before... so I plan to have lots of pictures.

And that covers us. I'm looking forward to finishing this year, unfortunately I'm working both Christmas and New Years and their respective eve's (although there are some hours I've finagled to help others out, I'm now going to be working all of those).

Talk to you all soon!


Amanda said...

Good Grief, your HOA sounds worse than housing. LOL

Melissa said...

It is worse (so says Chad). We have a single car driveway... and you've heard of our work schedules. Yet, no one in this neighborhood is allowed to park in the street. Not even if we have visitors.

Yet they can't tell us what we are supposed to do with visitors vehicles and don't allow for quirky schedules.

Lots of rules get broken by everyone living here because they're unreasonable and infringing.