Wednesday, November 05, 2008

WIP Wednesday

So, today being Wednesday, I want to share that I have started Christmas knitting. The neat thing about this year is that most know about what they are getting but not completely. That means that I can write and talk about it and put up guarded pictures that don't reveal full details.

I'm starting with penguins for Chad's nieces and nephew. Having just started the actual knitting last night I'm working very quickly - I love making stuffed animals for that reason.

I unfortunately don't have a picture to show today - and when I do post a picture, it will be thinly disguised as their mom knows that they are getting penguins but doesn't know how I'm going to individualize them so that they can't be confused with each others. There's got to be some surprise to it.

Additionally, I know I will be making at least three teddy bears and some socks (at least these are the planned things) so there will be lots more to come!

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