Thursday, November 20, 2008

So, what is the status of my bet

I've already talked about it before, so many of you realize that I'm learning 10 current rap songs to wind a bet with my 12 year old brother. I gave you the list of songs on my weekly update Sunday if your interested in looking again.

Just how is my progress though...

It turns out that I may know more of the songs than James does due to the fact that he's been grounded. I'm still going to do it and have the song's on my mp3 player just to make sure I'll be able to have them when I'm ready.

I recognize all of the songs, even if I can't always remember the names of them. I can sing all of the chorus' as well. I'm even quite sick of a few of them.

Unfortunately, I am uncertain of what exactly James will make me do to prove that I know them. I've asked him what do I have to sing of them to prove and he just looks at me and says you have to sing them... Thanks James, that's really clear. Because I'm really going to be able to get through singing the song as you roll on the floor dying of laughter because the lyrics sound so wonderful coming from me...

Really, I plan on doing this in two weeks when I'm in Anderson for two reasons - I won't have video proof to ever embarrass myself with (although I threaten to video tape the songs and place them prominently on youtube for all of his friends to see because that would crack me up and mortify him...) and I have buffer time to finish learning the songs by 12/25 if I mess up when I'm there - but that would definitely mean video if I don't nail it in person.

What I have to do to win now, is really buckle down and look up the lyrics to each song so I can have some semblance of singing in time with the songs. But I also tried singing a few of the rap songs from when I did listen to what was popular (probably a period of about 3 years) and while I know every word, I have a hard time keeping up.

This will be very interesting, but gosh darn it, I'm going to WIN!


Diana said...

There's no way you CAN'T win. Fo Shizzle.

Anonymous said...

Go for it! Leave him in the dust- and I definitely think you should post a You Tube video- no one should give up an opportunity to embarass a sibling.