Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My idea...

didn't really pan out.

Today I was going to post about my sister-in-law's birthday and what I was getting for her because I'm not able to give it to her yet (won't be in town to until 12/1). Alas, my idea has not panned out because of the fact that I don't have anything to give her yet.

You see, I know Kat craft wise and a little personality wise (she's like Daniel with her own zing, does that tell those of you that know us anything?). So I could always give her craft things - but I've done the hemp and the minerals before... and now she's getting back into cross stitch from what I've been told.

I really did go to Michaels today to look at the cross stitch things. But somehow bunnies, crosses, wolves, angels and others don't really fit into their decor or personalities. And there was one thing that she would have liked but it was 49.99 and well, I'm not even spending that much on Chad and myself right now.

So, until I can find that perfect pattern, I shall direct her to a Mario graph that can be used in a variety of ways (the original designer used the graphs to crochet a blanket and named it Know Your Mushrooms). This is no way negates any future gift they could get from me as there are a gazillion ways this could be used.

But here you are until I can find something for your personality. A link to the mushroom and brick graphs in case you haven't found them yourself.

Happy Birthday Kat!

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