Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life Continues

In the status quo here in our little house. We've had friends over this past week and will have friends again this coming week. We've seen the newest James Bond film (well, Chad saw it and I sat in the theater attempting to knit but had splitty yarn so had to put it up and got sick from the camera work), and watched the Jeff Dunham Christmas Special (I should be shot for watching it this soon, I really should be... there's no excuse for it other than Jeff Dunham is hillarious). I continue working on projects. Chad continues working on projects....

Yes, our life is a run on paragraph of the same routines different week. Sorry!

And for those of you wondering, J. is doing better these days giving a little relief to E. Still have a lot of work and thoughts needed to get them through this hospital stay but each day is looking up.

At least I've worked on more projects this time period off. Now I just have to re-clean my craft room (as if I ever truly finished it) and avoid the news as I've been reading a lot of stories lately that have gotten to me.

Talk to you all tomorrow!

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