Saturday, August 23, 2008

I feel like I'm changing and yet . . .not

Welcome to some complete and utter ramblings, that may not make any sense at all. One problem in not updating and posting the thoughts in my head as I think of them and making you all just sit there with no update from me.

I'll try to make this orderly.

The End of an Era?

Some of you who know me well know that I have always been an incurable pack rat (just how many times did I get in trouble for shoving things places time after time and then having to cull the items after a year or more?) and that carries over into everything.

Yes, you should feel very sorry for Chad because it even carries over into my computer and email. When there are times as I see that it's fit to go through things and get rid of the things I no longer use over half the items end up back where they were because I hold onto it for sentimental reasons.

The stuff is getting to me mentally right now and today, since I was supposed to be working today but they called me off, I have spent some of the time in the office trying to get rid of the accumulation of six (or more) months of crap - newspaper articles saved because I thought they were interesting, professional things (the stuff we both get - goodness!), manuals, patterns, you know everything the "catch all" room can accumulate.

So I'm going through, keeping all the college reference books of our professions, getting rid of old english class books, keeping ANYTHING Jim Henson related (Sesame Street kids books, etc), getting rid of speech and religion class text books, keeping books I haven't read and those that I default to (not as many as before), and getting rid of books of plays and monologues that I no longer look at...

And that's when I've realized, I've come to the end of an era for me. Drama and the interpretive part of speech and debate were my activities in high school. I was always going to hold onto those and somehow stay emerged in theater completely even though I knew then that I was never going to attempt to make a career out of it.

That dream is long gone and I have no problems giving up those books now.

Except for one. One made it back onto the shelf. It holds sentimental value to me. It made my high school think that Chad had a crazy girlfriend and my parents had mistreated me during my senior year.

Yes, I can't git rid of that one. The one that holds the monologue that I performed for the Miss Westside Pageant.

Here I am thinking I'm changing, and yet...

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things..."

I don't know why, but this line from Lewis Carroll's The Walrus and The Carpenter in Through the Looking Glass has been going through my head as I've started making my plans for my Christmas list.

And, yes, I'm moaning too. I hate to see Christmas out in non specialty stores already (It' already out in Cracker Barrel, and has been several weeks) but completely understand the specialty stores like A.C. Moore and such.

Then again it could be bombarding me because work is already talking about it and soon we'll be "making" our choices for which holidays we'll work and which we want off and receiving a schedule that lasts for 12 weeks...

The scary thing is, I've actually started making the list of ideas of what to give to people, which people I have to add to the already established list and those that are unfortunately no longer in contact with me and coming off the list, and how to get the information I need for other parts of the list...

And here I go early, planning ahead and changing how I do things... maybe - this will work as long as I don't delay things just because they're not turning out how I see them in my head.

Strange Quirks only a crafter can understand

Finally, I've been told yet again by my mom that I'm really strange.

You see, I told her that I had purchased wire hangers so I could make them into sock blockers. It's just one of those things and I'm sorry if you're not sitting at your computer nodding your head in understanding.

But they turned out wonderfully and are very exciting for me. My socks will look great as they dry into shape on them.

Now, because I've done that, I'm wondering just what else I can easily transform to my benefit.

It would be even better to do this with things I have on hand. I'm sure though, that when I've finished with the office and moved into the craft room to get rid of stuff I'm not using and won't use that I'll come up with plenty that I just know will be perfect for something in knitting...

Well, it's back to the office, got to get those books out of here before they jump back on the shelves...

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Amanda said...

I still have our trophies, although the one for 4th place is slowly falling apart. I have my certificate for the NFL, just because I think it's funny that it says NFL, lol. I know, that's dumb. But the only script I kept was A...My Name Is Alice.

Ack, Ack....AWWWWW.....ack....