Sunday, July 27, 2008

Well, I'm at least posting on Sunday

So, the status quo remains the same, nothing extremly new to report with Chad and myself, and I still have catching up to do.  There hasn't been an abc along post in awhile and I need to do that.  I have to show you my blocks that I'm putting the finishing touches on before I send out and just life in general.
It seems that my whole life has been disorganized lately and I don't know which way to turn to catch up.  Even my thoughts are very random and that doesn't help me to organize and give you these blog posts.  I'm almost back at the attitude I'm in at the begining of every year when I'm making resolutions.  Maybe I should take this as a hint that I need to look at this years resolutions again and rededicate myself to them.
So, look for this week to be a week of catching up - between projects and over due posts and just things in general. After I get off of work on Tuesday (I'm in the middle of a stretch) I'm off for 7 days.  In that time I need to plan to have Tameeka here as she's the last of my siblings to come and it's not to much longer, before they start school (I can't believe it's almost August already!) for the new year.
Have a good day and I will have things organized here soon!

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